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We simplified our booking methods, making the reservation process as easiest as we can!

You can book a boat with the following methods:

By email


Book Online

You can also book in person at Rodos Water Sports Action.

for directions

Frequently Asked Questions

To make a reservation we just need the following information:

Full Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Residence Name (hotel/villa)
Boat Selection
Rental Duration
People on Board
Date & Time for the reservation

A deposit may be asked full day reservations.
You don’t need a deposit for other rental options but you can always pay online for your boat to secure your reservation. To ensure your safety, all payments are made through Paypal/Stripe/Viva Wallet using your appropriate account or your credit card.

Reservations can be made even on the same day. Due to availability though, it would be better to make a reservation as soon as possible.

Transportation is always available but ONLY for the following areas:
Psaltos (Navarone)
If you are not sure about your location, just give us a call and ask about transportation